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the internet is an asana

We turn on-the-mat experience into digital connection

Students. Teachers. Athletes. Brands.
We know the world of yoga and how authentic partnership can make a difference to you and others  you look to serve.


Connecting Brands & Influencers

Who should your brand align with in the sports and wellness space? Why? Learn about the opportunities and the expectations that come with connecting to athletic audiences and customers.

Here’s what’s in our Wheelhouse

We do web upgrades of all sizes, launch/produce podcasts and video series, and set up meaningful introductions to the kind of partners you want to be aligned with.

web development

web development

Whether it’s a refresher page for you or a landing page for your business or app development, we’ve got the chops to make eyes pop and hands clap.



We’ve advised major consumer brands, pro athletes, and teachers looking to make a name for themselves. Think of it as skilled hands-on adjustments to your strategic planning.



We’ve created successful podcasts, video series, and set people up in a sustainable model for potential ad partners. Have a show idea? Let’s talk.

“Yoga is a Possibility Conversation” -Baron Baptiste

From podcasts to video series to strategic insight that jumpstarts relationships and business objectives. Here’s a general overview of how we work with you and connect to an audience that matters to you in a way that matters to them.

First We Talk

Let’s learn about you, your goals, and your needs.

Then We Plan

Choose a strategy that plays to your strengths and lets you be you.

We Track & Adjust

Through reporting and tracking, we find where we are winning and where we need to work differently.

We Make an Impact

Why else do we do this? Let’s see the impact and make an even bigger one next.



“ Chris’s advice is invaluable, and as a result our podcast, Ashtanga Dispatch, is the biggest and best yoga interview show on iTunes!”


When we want to support the yoga community authentically we go to Chris. 


Chris Lucas

Former Digital Director for the Baptiste Institute and current Managing Partner of Transition, a digital consulting company that serves professional athletes, creatives, and those looking to connect authentically with fans and supporters online.

He is a board member of Yoga Reaches Out, a ‘yogathon’-based charity that has raised over $1,000,000 for organizations focused on helping children and their families. Chris is a 500hr Certified Baptiste Teacher and is the producer and editor of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast.


Want to make a podcast? Want to work with a brand? Want to find the right teacher and ambassador of your product? Looking to make a difference? Curious?
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